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PGP is collaborating with The Allyn Family Foundation to reduce unintended pregnancies among 16-20 year old girls in Onondaga County, New York. In Onondaga County around ⅓ of all births each year are unintended. Through interviews with subject matter experts in the area, PGP found that young women are often unsure of where to find information about contraception and sexual health. Rather than searching for information on contraception proactively, many young women instead search for information when a crisis moment arises - for example, they had unprotected sex, or they missed their period and are worried about being pregnant.

This project is intended to provide girls with a confidential place to find accurate, nonjudgmental information about contraception, STDs, and sexual health. Chatbots have recently begun to be used as a way of delivering personalized health information to hard-to-reach, digitally savvy populations. This project represents the first time that an organization has created a sophisticated chatbot that delivers personalized information about contraception and sexual health to girls at risk for unintended pregnancy. 

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