Top 9 Times Beyoncé and Jay Z were #relationshipgoals

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Patron saints of cool, Beyoncé and Jay Z have not only changed the course of pop culture, they’ve given us some real power couple #relationshipgoals.  Let’s review nine of the finest examples the two has set for all of us.

1. Pretty much every Halloween costume they’ve ever worn

Who can forget this picture perfect fam photo of Bey, Jay and Blue Ivy, with their Barbie game on point.

2. Adorable matching ring finger tattoos

These two made a permanent show of their love, with matching ring finger tattoos of the Roman numeral IV in honor of their wedding anniversary on April 4, Beyonce's birthday on September 4, and Jay Z’s birthday on December 4. I guess we know what their lucky number is. Check out this vid from Bey’s Insta to see if you can spot it:

3. Making the audience “Drunk in Love” at the 2014 Grammys

We never wanna forget Bey and Jay opening the Grammys with a smokin’ performance of “Drunk in Love.”

4. 10,000 roses

Talk about romance! Before her 2016 Super Bowl performance Jay sent Bey 10,000 roses. Yeah, that’s called crazy in love.

5. A little thing called… the most-liked Instagram post EVER

Sure, Jay Z isn’t technically in this photo, but we just had to remind you about the most epic pregnancy announcement ever.

6. The ridiculously artful “APES**T” video

This vid had our jaws dropping the whole time. Literally who else could you imagine being allowed to film in The Louvre, which is probably the most amazing museum of all time.

7. The fake movie trailer for the On the Run tour

The duo dropped some serious video promo before their On the Run tour, in the style of a film trailer. We’re still hoping for full-length movie. Can you imagine — Bey and Jay living out that plot line, white veils, and motorcycle rides through the desert? Maybe one day.

8. Showing us what pure love and happiness actually looks like

We don’t know about you, but watching this sweet flashback from the 2014 VMAs brought out all the feels.

9. Bey’s look back at 2018

Thanks, Bey, for letting us look back on the past year with you. What can we expect from the power couple in 2019? Likely nothing but the best. Happy Near Year!

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