Here's Who You Need to Tell You're on Birth Control


There are tons of reasons why a girl might decide to get on birth control. Birth control manages our periods, helps us with acne, and lets us take control of our bodies.

Your body. Your decision.

This means that nobody needs to know anything about your choice to get on birth control if you don’t want. Seriously, we mean nobody. For starters, in Onondaga County you don’t need your parent’s permission to get on birth control. Wanna skip the awkward talk? Think they won’t understand your choice or might get freaked out? It can stay between you and the doctor.

If you don’t know your health insurance info and you don’t want to ask your parents for it, there are ways to get birth control for cheap without using insurance. You can even ask the doctor to make sure they don’t mail anything home. Check out the Planned Parenthood or Family Planning Service near you.

I know what you’re thinking: cool, my parents don’t need to know but what about my boo? Nope, girl. He doesn’t need to know either. Some types of birth control might be harder to hide, but there are also many types others won’t notice at all. The patch, ring, or even the IUD might (and we say, might)be noticeable - but the pill, ring, and implant are super easy to hide.

Remember birth control is about YOUR body, so the only person that needs to know about it is YOU. You should never feel pressured to tell other people you’re on birth control.

Got other questions about birth control? Check out Layla. She’s got you.

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