Forget About It: Birth Control for the Busy Girl

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We see you girl. Working, going to school, following your dreams, and still keeping a social life. You’re busy - and the last thing you want is something else to remember. And for something as important as birth control, depending on a phone reminder to take it? That just isn’t gonna cut it. So if you’re the type who wants to get it and forget it, talk to a doctor about these types of birth control.

For the Girls that Want Options: The IUD

The best “get it and forget it” birth control is an IUD. It’s a small t-shaped piece of copper or plastic that is inserted in your uterus by a doctor. I’ll be honest, getting the IUD can be kind of uncomfortable for some people. But, other people are perfectly fine. It really just depends on the person.

IUDs are the most effective birth control out there, and they’re not permanent. So whenever you want to have it taken out, your doctor can remove it and you’ll be able to get pregnant.

There are a few different kinds of IUDs but the main question is whether you want the hormonal or non-hormonal type.

  • The hormonal IUD (called ParaGard) is made of copper and prevents pregnancy for up to 12 years. But just a heads up, you might have heavier, longer periods, and more cramping with this one.

  • If that’s not for you, check out the hormonal IUDs (called Mirena, Skyla, Kyleena, and Liletta). Depending on the brand, these can prevent pregnancy from 3 - 6 years. If you have a hormonal IUD, your periods might be much more chill. Less cramps and lighter bleeding. Some girls might not even have a period while they have an IUD (don’t freak out, it’s normal as long as the IUD is in you).

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For the Girls that Want to Keep it Simple: The Implant

If having something inserted into your uterus doesn’t sound like your kind of thing, you might want to think about the implant, called Nexplanon. It’s a thin rod inserted into your upper arm to prevent pregnancy - and it’s super effective. Like 99% effective. The implant can protect you from getting pregnant for up to five years. But if you decide you don’t want it, your doctor can easily remove it for you.

For most girls, the implant can make their periods way easier - who wants fewer cramps and lighter bleeding? 🙌 And some girls might not even have a period at all after a year. Yup, totally safe as long as you got that implant in you!

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For the Girls that Want Flexibility: The patch, ring and shot

While the IUD and implant are long term options, if you want something a little more flexible, there are weekly and monthly birth control options out there too.

The patch is a type of birth control that needs to be changed every week. The ring has to be swapped out for a new one once a month. And you have to get the shot every three months. All still better than remembering to take a pill every day! Talk to your doctor and let them know what you’re interested in and they can help choose the best birth control for you.

And if you have questions on any of this stuff, ask Layla. She’s got you.

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