10 Best Moments Of When Hennessy Carolina Blessed The Timeline

Cardi B’s little sister is a star all on her own

Hennessy Carolina Almánzar is the New York-born and raised younger sis of Cardi B. Although often tied with Cardi, Hennessy is a star in her own right. Ruling over social media with an enormous Instagram following, nailing a legendary skincare routine, and showing how fashion flows through her veins—she’s got it all. Don’t believe us? Let’s review Hennessy’s 10 best moments.

1. Talking about her lifelong love affair with fashion

To celebrate the unveiling of a collaboration with clothing brand boohoo, Hennessy visited E! to chat about growing up with fashion inspo from both her parents. Which leads us to...

2. Rolling out photos of her collab with boohoo

Seriously fine art.

3. Sharing advice on how to slide into someone’s DMs

Hennessy landed her girlfriend, Michelle Diaz, through a long convo via Instagram. The secret? Keep it cool, and throw up some cute photos of yourself on your own feed for a couple weeks. Then slide into your crush’s DMs. Seems like it worked for her, at least. The two have been together since 2017—and how adorable are they?

4. Her runway debut


5. Mean mugging with baby Cardi B

The holiest of #tbts.

6. Divulging her skincare routine

Does this woman even have pores? Instead of keeping her secrets close, Hennessy helps all her fans mimic her flawless skin by sharing her nighttime skincare routine. The video starts with her removing all makeup, so we know that glow is real.

7. This VMA 2018 look

Just, wow.

8. Confessing to what all sisters do

The sisters appeared on “TRL,” providing the perfect opportunity for Hennessy to confess borrowing—then losing—her sister’s Gucci bag back in high school. But it’s all love: Hennessy presented her sibling a replacement on the MTV show.

9. Proudly proclaiming herself a “lesbian princess”

In a video for Vogue, Hennessy goes shopping with girlfriend for the perfect Pride outfits while also talking about coming out to her father as bisexual, her Capricorn zodiac sign, and a love for sparkles.

10. Revealing she, too, can sing

Cardi may get all the credit for the family pipes, but Hennessy can secretly lay it down just as slick.

Is it only a matter of time till Hennessy’s star rises to rival Cardi’s? Probably.

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