Do I Make a Doctor's Appointment for Birth Control?


It can be really tough to figure out how to start the whole “doctor appointment” thing on your own. And if you wanna get something like birth control, you probably don’t want Mom sitting in on that convo with the doctor. Things could get awkward fast! But for real, taking ownership of your own health can really make you feel like Beyonce.

So don’t worry. Making an appointment to get birth control isn’t hard. We lay it out in five easy steps to help you set that first visit up.

Step 1: Know your options

There’s a ton of birth control choices out there, so take a beat to consider which might work best for you. No stress if you’re not completely sure which one you want. It’s totally cool to come to the appointment armed with a few ideas, and your doctor can help you figure out the best choice for you.

Step 2: Insurance? Great. No insurance? Still great

If you have health insurance, your birth control is probably FREE. No insurance? No biggie. The doctor will help you get the birth control you need at the lowest cost—often free!  There’s a huge database of doctors and clinics where you can find birth control in Onondaga County. Still unsure where to go? Check out Planned Parenthood or Family Planning Service—they have all the different types of birth control you could want, and they see girls like you every day.

Step 3: Pick up the phone

Definitely make time for a quick call before you make an appointment to make sure the doctor or clinic takes your insurance and you can get the type of birth control you want. Think of some times that work for you to visit in person and make sure you let the receptionist know that you want to come in to get birth control - don’t be shy, this what they’re there for. (If you book online, include that info in a comments section.) Before hanging up, ask if you need to bring anything specific to the appointment.

Step 4: What’s inside your purse?

Things to bring along for that first visit:

  • A valid photo ID (like your driver’s license, learner’s permit, or school ID)

  • Proof of residency in Onondaga County (like a class schedule if you're enrolled in school, or a paycheck or pay stub if you have a job, or a piece of mail with your name and current address on it.)

  • If you have insurance, bring your insurance card if you have it. Don’t worry, if you don’t have insurance, they will still help you out.

Step 5: Got questions? They have answers.

The doctor is there to listen to you and find the best birth control for you. Just pop all your thoughts and questions in your notes app and pull them out when you’re ready. No question is off limits. Your doctor has heard it ALL. Don’t be afraid to ask whatever’s on your mind.

Remember, YOU got this! And—when it comes to questions about birth control, sex, STDs, anything—Layla’s got you.

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