Miss Mulatto’s Top 5 Most Fire Hairstyles

Atlanta-based rapper Miss Mulatto (Alyssa Michelle Stephens) has her own style — that’s for sure. That’s likely a large reason why the artist took home the winning title in 2016’s “The Rap Game”. (Which also scored her a recording contract with musical kingpin Jermaine Dupri’s So So Def Recordings.) The rapper’s star has only continued to burn brightly in the wake of those initial wins, and perhaps highlighted even further by the dope hairstyles she keeps debuting on the ‘Gram. Let’s visit some of the most inspiring ones.

Rainbow sherbert vibes

M.M. serving up some pastel princess energy with this look. We highly approve of this technicolor cotton candy energy.


Mermaid maven? Poolside princess? Whatever Miss Mulatto is laying down here with this power stance and turquoise locks, we are picking up.

Actual fire

What’s hotter than actual fire? Maybe this lava-esque hairstyle when paired with a legendary snapshot of golden hour.

Sassy in silver

Gray hair ain’t just for your grandma anymore. As Miss Mulatto displays, the platinum neutral lends an air of sophistication and DGAF ‘tude to even a casual outfit.

Green with envy

Who wouldn’t be with these soft waves and show-stopping neon hues? A perfect note to end on when celebrating Miss Mulatto’s iconic styles.

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